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MaxGames Contest

2007-12-17 13:24:41 by RogueTeddyBear

I just finished my Ronin Warrior game and submitted it. It is for the MaxGames contest in which Tom Fulp is one of the 5 judges.

I got some great reviews and bug reports (thanks guys).

I'm sorry it was so hard to play i guess i just got too good at it and didn't balance the difficulty for new players.

This is really the first time i've used this acount in maybe 4-5 years? i don't know.. good times though.


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2007-12-17 21:02:06

It was a very fun game, kept me occupied for hours. Congratulations on front page and daily 2nd. Good luck with the MaxGames Contest!


2007-12-19 00:16:04

It wasnt that the game was too hard it was just that players were expecting to beat it in one playthrough with out needing to use hats or faces. Great game though


2007-12-19 13:09:33

Yo man I got a buddy that goes to R.I.T. what do you think of all the deaf chicks?


2007-12-20 02:10:45

Any news about the save point?


2007-12-20 16:40:04

its some wicked ass shit....gonna make a sequel?


2007-12-21 21:01:17

That was the best game I've played in months on end. It wasn't too hard at all, I beat every element of the game, fuck all the shitty players.


2007-12-23 09:33:07

Yea Ronin Warrior rocks certainly however the save thing isnt on there!!!! just have to wait i suppose......


2007-12-23 17:22:35

if anything make the game wasnt too hard and add at least one more good attack or combo or something. the masks make it too easy... you need to make a sequel- it was a good 2 hours of pretty solid gameplay. great job, one of the best games ive seen on ng.


2007-12-27 21:08:21

I've beaten this game over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. I'm simply addicted. I've actually beaten it with the :O mask, dying only twice. Can you tell me where you got the music for it from? The song in the Genji Forest was great.


2008-02-06 15:45:18

to make game better make some real stuff!and scrimmage some real ronins and real japenese wepondary and face helmet and more detail like body legs arms toe hands neck fingers!a good one will be multilayer.multiplayer is peoples favourite kind.well most people ok. talking about witch.use rankings and make it super brutal to get up ranks!make it more easier for low ranks and harder for high ranks!you know the ranks right.let people make accounts and chose two civilizations!china and japan.each civilization china or japan.gets unique units ok now thats a good game.


2008-02-16 19:35:10

Ronin warrior is the best game i have played...i played the winning one it was good but no where as good as Ronin Warrior :(


2008-02-25 16:02:54

if someone made a game with gunz controls but in 2d it would be awesome :P, so you can bf,ss and that .. lol


2009-04-19 21:29:25

Decided to play the game again, forgot how great it was!

Hoping you'll make a sequel or another game sometime.


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2016-05-04 23:22:54

I wish I could get in touch with you somehow. If I could, I'd take the opportunity to thank you for making one of my favorite games on Newgrounds. Ah, ronin warrior. A golden jewel, snuggled within the deep folds of Newground's warm underbelly. Let it lie there, forever.